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Liquid Gummies
E-Commerce Site

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I created a multi page branded website geared for E-Commerce and a vehicle to promote the brand. The objective was to showcase the Liquid Gummies as organic, clean, and sophisticated as a way of promoting the brand essence to new users who are unfamiliar with the product.

This proved a success as the website played a crucial part in taking the brand from a start up to a well known player in the edible industry in the North Easy. The platform has generated serious sales for both retail and wholesale orders.


Raghaus Studios

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I designed a website for a premium letterpress printing and graphic design studio. The site centers itself around functionality. Showcasing the studio's portfolio, E-Commerce shop, and overall value to the consumer; all with simple ease of access.

Users will find an intuitive ability for navigation, mobile use, and the process of uploading and sending files directly for print production.


Tour De France

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A quarantine project deep-diving web design skills and capabilities; this website is dedicated to the history of the first Tour De France.

The goal was to honor a historical event by using contemporary aesthetics as a way of recontextualizing the past.


Sabatell Storytelling

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A portfolio website for a video marketing freelancer in New York City. The goal was to create a visually dense site that beautifully balanced all the creative elements without feeling to too heavy; all while authentically represented the freelancer.

In addition to also showcasing the work in a delicate manner, the site also seeks to establish substantial clientele by demonstrating value to a potential customer. More importantly the website proved to be a worthy marketing vehicle by gaining a steady stream of clients.


coded by hand - HTML/CSS

Web design for a retailer specializing in fashionable backpacks built for lightweight travelers and commuters. The visual language uses a clean and minimal flow so consumers can insert themselves into the brand with ease of access.

The color palette resembles sunrise and sunset skies, to immerse the brand with the working consumers commuting to and from their destinations. The brand promotes finding a relationship with millennial freelancers, gig economy workers, and entrepreneurs working or commuting in urban environments.