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Liquid Gummies

Tasked with developing the branding, identity, and packaging system for Liquid Gummies, a company that is taking a unique position in the edible industry for its accessibility and federal compliancy.

The packaging seeks to create balance between organic forms and strong bold type. Creating a sense of play from the cannabis industry's context, liquifying textures to resemble the organic quality of ingredients, and strong type layouts that resemble the compliant legality of the product.

Proving that although it's a new product for consumers, it's also trustworthy, safe, and legally sound. The underlying objective is utilizing strong forms and hierarchy that can stand out on shelves, but also address a uniqueness placed on the product all together. It's THC content on a dry weight basis allows it to be compliant on a federal level, meaning it can be shipped anywhere. It begins to answer an issue of accessibility. Using clear and bold design to create a relationship with consumers.